A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Download Episode 6 of Twisting Vines right here from itch and experience the most involved adult game you've seen with choices that just keep branching out!

The game, available for PC and MAC, is meant for those who enjoy a good story and exploring. The addition of the gallery will let you know just how much of the content you still need to discover!

You can join our discord to discuss the game with other players and the dev team!


And if you like the game then DEFINITELY play Episode 7 - which is out now for our Patrons on https://patreon.com/iskonsko

By becoming a Patron not only will you get access to the newest and largest episode yet, you will be supporting continued development of the game.

Each episode contains all the previous episodes so no need to download previous Episodes separately.

Install instructions

Every episode contains all the previous episodes so just run this to play the game from Ep1 till Ep6


TwistingVines-EP6-mac.zip 918 MB
TwistingVines-EP6-pc.zip 936 MB


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When i try and download this it says the file no longer exists on MEGA

The latest released version is Episode 7. Since new episodes contain all previous episodes you should go directly for episode 7: https://iskonsko-studio.itch.io/twisting-vines-episode-7

And, of course, support the game on https://patreon.com/iskonsko to play Episode 8

Ah i got it, i thought they were independent since their uploaded uniquely.

I don't understand, why cant I play all 6 episodes, it only allows me to play what I assume to be the scenes of the first episode, why cant I go any further? Please and thank you.

I replied to you in our discord. This is a very strange behaviour and you shouldn't be experiencing it.

Perhaps you are playing on an unsupported system? The game is only tested on desktop PC and MAC. If you are playing on a tablet or different OS we really can't test (although that shouldn't have an effect)

I am playing on PC. I download, then extract, then play. That's what I do for every other itch game I play. But I'll keep trying thanks for the advice, have a great day.