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Download Episode 7 of Twisting Vines right here from itch and experience the most involved adult game you've seen with choices that just keep branching out!

The game, available for PC and MAC, is meant for those who enjoy a good story and exploring. The addition of the gallery will let you know just how much of the content you still need to discover!

You can join our discord to discuss the game with other players and the dev team!


And if you like the game then DEFINITELY play Episode 8 - which is out now for our Patrons on https://patreon.com/iskonsko

By becoming a Patron not only will you get access to the newest episode, but you will also be supporting the continued development of the game.

Each episode contains all the previous episodes so no need to download previous Episodes separately.

Install instructions

Contains all previous episodes. Each episode is one in-game day!


Twisting Vines Episode 7 PC
Twisting Vines Episode 7 MAC


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why keep posting each episode on a new page and not just update the original? game looks better that way.

In the start it was to bring more people (as it has more visibility as a new page than an update), then just sort of continued...

ahh i was thinking it would cause the opposite, seems the better the rating people give and comments left cause things to be shown in the lists higher in the order.   

There might be some spoilers, so if you don't want any best not to read any more

Meggie seems very interesting, also the way she acted is like she just picked you to lose her vcard, and that is it. Idk, if you have more ideas about how you want her to be. But I'm guessing maybe a real/ serious relationship might be out of the question for her. Or has she had trouble past also and you could open her up and have a real relationship with her down the road. Also, is it me... But if you creampied her, she gave off a worried vibe. Does that mean there are going to be pregnancy options in the future?