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Download Episode 5 of Twisting Vines right here from itch and experience the most involved adult game you've seen with choices that just keep branching out!

The game, available for PC and MAC, is meant for those who enjoy a good story and exploring. The addition of the gallery will let you know just how much of the content you still need to discover!

You can join our discord to discuss the game with other players and the dev team!


And if you like the game then DEFINITELY play Episode 6 - which is out now for our Patrons on https://patreon.com/iskonsko

By becoming a Patron not only will you get access to the newest and largest episode yet, you will be supporting continued development of the game.

Each episode contains all the previous episodes so no need to download previous Episodes separately.


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the mega is unavailable

Yes, you'll need to downlaod Episode 7 (it contains all previous episodes). https://iskonsko-studio.itch.io/twisting-vines-episode-7

there is no more Android version?

Alas no, the game became too large for my machine to handle android compiling :(

So i downloaded this and all i could do was replay the 1st episode and then kicked me to the menu once i finished it. It did this with episode 2 also.  Shame was rather enjoying it, even tho im only able to replay the first one over and over..

You'll need to provide more information on what exactly is happening as no such bug has been reported and Episode 5, the latest free version, hass been played by several hundred people with no issue.

I'd be glad to get you playing it but tell me on what platform you're playing, what did you download, what are you running....

I've downloaded all episodes but I'm only ever allowed to play the 1st. I recently deleted the episode and downloaded episode 5 and I pressed continue. It started where I last saved and shortly after it thanks me for playing and kicks me to the menu. I've deleted it and downloaded it a few times now to no avail. I've tried downloading it to different files but I'm not getting anywhere. don't know what's going on and I'm a little upset that its not working for me.

It just wont play any other episode apart from the 1st.

I'm playing a on PC, Nvidia GF65 thin, RTX 2060.

Thankyou for your reply.

The only thing I can think of is that you're running the wrong file. Because every additional episode contains the whole game.

So try deleting everything from your computer except Episode 5.

Run that. It should start from the beginning but move on normally into day 2, 3, 4 and 5.

I downloaded in on my mobile to try it on there and its still doing the same. Honestly i have no clue why. Its obvious that i aren't doing anything wrong, i mean i just downloaded it on my mobile for the first time. I'm giving up now. Tried it several times now. Quite disappointed. For what its worth the 1st episode it great.

is this available through any other download site, Mega.nz does not work for me, prolly my location is to blame (china)

Unfortunately not at the moment That's free storage for us.

If you become a Patron you can message us (through our Patreon or discord Patron channel) and we can get you another download link for the latest version.