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Episode 4 is now available so go there!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all!

We've just released Episode 4 to our Patrons on our Patreon page

That means that Episode 3 is now available for free to everyone!

Available on PC, MAC and ANDROID, episode 3 brings plenty of new twists into the game and keeps you coming back for more in multiple playthroughs!

If you like the game please consider becoming our Patron and supporting game development - incidentally getting access to the latest episodes too!

For discussion about the game with other players and the dev team join our discord


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MAC version
ANDROID version

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when is four coming out?

Episode 4 is out for Patrons (https://patreon.com/iskonsko)

It will be available for free once Episode 5 comes out for Patrons. But if you like the game I do recommend baoming a Patron as at higher tiers you will also get extra scenes and other additions.

Deleted 220 days ago

Thanks, so glad you like it!

Do join us on our Patreon page and support to get access to the latest episode 4 with additions like the gallery :)