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Explore mid 20th century Europe as an ex-OSS operative using quick wits, problem solving abilities and gritty charm to duck and weave his way between cultists, crazy Frenchmen and dangerous killers! Based on point & click classics, Trouble Hunter Chronicles revitalizes the genre for the modern era.

Taking inspiration from the point & click classics of old, Trouble Hunter Chronicles places you in the shoes of a grizzled ex-OSS operative finding his way in post-war France. When a mysterious woman visits you, do you have what it takes to find your missing friend, uncover an insidious plot and survive villainous assassins?

Play this short demo of Trouble Hunter Chronicles to get a feel for the game and be sure to:

to be alerted when the full game comes out in early 2021.


THC_Demo-1.0-pc.zip 77 MB
THC_Demo-1.0-mac.zip 60 MB

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