New Episode of Twisting Vines

Alright everyone, quite a bit of news for you!

If you haven't tried Twisting Vines yet take a quick look at the attached youtube video to find out about the game. 

Now, onto the news:

Episode 3

We finally completed Episode 3 of Twisting Vines! A new day, more possibilities, a lot of images, quite a few animations and quite a few more sounds (for the highest tier Patrons) are in this Episode.

Early access will be released tomorrow for the appropriate tier Patrons. That will be a regular version which will, in a few days, be available to other Patrons as well.


The Extras and Full (extras + specific scene sounds) version will be released at the same time as the Regular version becomes widely available.


Episode 2

As Episode 3 comes out Episode 2 will become free so make sure to follow our Patreon (if you're already not supporting us) and download it when that happens (if you need that extra push to support us!)

Also, a version of Episode 2 with Extra and voiced content will be available for $10 Patrons!

Some technical news:

  • Reduced game size by slightly reducing image quality
  • Enabled 'rollback' feature
  • if you have the Extra content version you can now turn Extra content on/off in the settings (this is because you may wish to experience the scenes with and without)
  • Connected with Discord - if you're running Discord app while playing the game should show up in your Discord activity
  • Episodes 2 and 3 will both be available for Android as well



Episode 3 of Twisting Vines is coming tomorrow, Episode 2 will be free. Follow and support on Patreon.

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